David A. Cowan Ministries (DACM) is an extension of Ever-Increasing Life Ministries that carries the very essence of the heart of our visionary. Pastor Cowan started DACM in January 2019 to begin and establish initiatives that will be felt for generations, not only in our region, but around the globe. 

David A. Cowan Ministries extends efforts to produce outreach ministries that would feed the hearts of youth, singles, married couples, and those in need of aid. With a heart after God, Pastor Cowan seeks to carry the works of Jesus Christ by engaging in global ministry through teaching the gospel of Christ and supplying aid to those who are in need. 

Partner with Ever-Increasing Life Ministries and David A. Cowan Ministries today by praying for the ministries to continue forward and supporting the visions by giving. 


Community Care Initiative

At all times, and especially in these times, it's imperative that we do what we can to make sure that the heart of God for humanity is revealed to those who feel like He's farthest from them; to remind them of His love. He still cares and so do we! DACM presents our Community Care Initiative, aimed to reveal the heart of the Father to those around us while meeting the needs of the community. Our mission is to be an extension of the hand of God by serving the people in our communities through feeding those who hunger, supplying clothes to those who need them and care packages for the less fortunate.

Community Care Initiative PROGRAMS

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