Discipleship Engagement

We invite you to enroll and engage with us by exploring God on a deeper level! Learn how Ever-Increasing Life Ministries functions and our goals for our community. Study our culture through various books like “Culture of Honor”, “Spiritual Authority” and others! These classes are totally free, beneficial and mandatory for those who join Ever-Increasing Life Ministries!


Don’t let church become just another routine in your week. Instead, ENGAGE! Call the ministry today at 225.357.4177 to enroll or complete the below form. See details below:

All Classes are held on Sundays at 8am-9am in our Youth Annex Bldg.!

Just starting your walk with God & trying to "feel your way?"

Enroll in our New Member's Foundation Class

Have you been in your Christian Walk for a while but new to Ever-Increasing Life Ministries?

Enroll in our Culture Awareness Class

2018 Class Dates:

May 27th - July 1st

July 15th - August 19th

September 2nd - October 7th

October 21st -November 25th

Once you enroll, we'll send a reminder email to you when we're closer to our start date!

Thanks! We'll see you in class!