• Pastor David A. Cowan

In 2018 "See Yourself"

Joshua 1:8

1. You will only go as far as you can see yourself!

2. Limitations are empowered by those who give it power of control!

3. You must consciously dedicate yourself to living the "Good Life."

4. I know that there is nothing out of my price range!

5. Dreams and Visions are future movies of myself being played in the now!

6. I am a finished work of God that has been rewind and placed in play mode; my end is already pre-determined.

7. All provision for my now is available; tomorrow will provide for itself on tomorrow!

8. I see myself living in abundance and money is no issue!

9. By changing my thinking and actions, I change my life!

10. I saw it, I believe it, I confess it, now I am living it!

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