"The Doctor testified that I have been totally healed from diabetes and removed me from all medicines!"

- Bro. George M.

"The Doctor said that I've been given a second chance by God."

-Bro. Donald C.

"I went to my Doctor's Appointment and my A1C has went down from 10.4% in February to 6.4% in June. I'm not on my shots 4 times a day. I'm now on them twice a day!!!!"

-Bro. Lonnie M.

"I have been taking 13 pills a day over the last couple years and since I've been continuing to believe in God and His Word, for my total healing, I'm now down to 4 pills.

-Sis. Patricia P.

"So I got hired on a PRN job on Friday (6/15/18) testing CNAs for the State. The orientation was Monday-Wednesday. They called to remind me on yesterday. I went in today (6/20/18) [only] and I was told I would be getting paid for all 3 days. The kicking part is, I never applied. The director of our school sent my name in. Look at God! "

-Sis. Karen B.

"God has blessed us with 10 parishes to service as of today. I was told by the General Manager for Mecaid/WellCare that they want me to service 17 to 18 parishes and expect to hire more drivers and purchase more vans. We already work for 3 large contracted insurance companies and have been offered another contract to service additional members. They are waiting for me to complete inspections. Our phone never stopped ringing; unless we turn it off then they start calling my personal line."

-Bro. Michael & Sis. Chiquita S.